Priests of S. Silas>
Priests in Charge
Meyrick John Sutton - Priest in Charge 1877 - June 1882
Died 23rd September
Patrick Rorke Mahony - Priest in Charge Sept 1882 - May 1892
In 1892 he became Chaplain of the Reigate Union until his retirement in 1908
He spent his retirement at Redhill. Died 1919
Frederick William Bentley - Priest in Charge Aug 1892 - 1907
He was also chaplain to the Tailors' Benevolent Institution in Queens Crescent. He subsequently moved to Worle in Somerset where he died in 1910 at the age of 49. In 1905, he had a memorial window for his father, Frederick Bentley, installed in the Chapel of St John the Evangelist, also in Queens Crescent.
Fr. Frederick William Bentley
Fr. Frederick William Bentley

George Napier Whittingham - Priest in Charge Dec 1907 - 1912, Vicar 1912 - 1930.
In 1893 he was rector at St Peter, Duntisbourne Abbots, Gloucestershire, and from the "The Story of Duntisbourne Abbots" by Anne Carver it says that 'he did not get on well with the ageing Squire - perhaps not surprisingly, as he described himself as a Radical parson, and certainly had ideas in advance of his time'. It also appears from the description of his life in the village that his opinions were at variance with the Squire's politically. However in his short stay he started the cricket club and his wife founded the Mother's Union.
In 1895 he was at S. Lawrence & All Saints, Evesham, Worcestershire.
Died 11 January 1941

Fr. George Napier Whittingham
Fr. George Napier Whittingham
Fr. George Napier Whittingham
Fr. George Napier Whittingham

Frank Lacy Hillier - Vicar Nov 1930 - Jan 1963
Associate King's College London (1st class) 1913.
Ely Theological College 1915.
Ordained Deacon 1915, and Priest 1916 in Birmingham.
Curate Aston Brook, Birmingham 1915-18 and St Saviour Saltley, Birmingham 1918-20.
Priest in charge Harbour I 1920-24.
Curate of St John the Baptist Holland Road, Kensington 1925-30
Died 5 March 1978

Fr. Frank Lacy Hillier
Fr. Frank Lacy Hillier

Douglas Arthur Cobb - Vicar 1963 - 1987
Fr. Douglas Arthur Cobb
Fr. Douglas Arthur Cobb
Fr. Douglas Arthur Cobb
Fr. Douglas Arthur Cobb

Obituary from the Church Times 5 Dec 2008 by Simon Lindley

Fr Douglas Cobb, who died on 21 November, aged 83, was a long-serving and greatly beloved priest of the diocese of London. Fr Cobb’s ministry took in parishes in Notting Hill and South Ruislip, before his incumbency of St Silas-the-Martyr, Kentish Town, for almost a quarter of a century from 1963.

In 1987, he became Chaplain to the Convent of St Mary-at-the-Cross, Edgware, serving that Con­vent, and its associated care home, Henry Nihill House, with much-valued devotion and com­mitment.

In retirement, he assisted at St Lawrence, Little Stanmore, by then his own parish church, and here, too, his input into so many aspects of the life of that community was well to the fore.

Fr Cobb’s interests ranged widely — from telecommunications to a great love of music. He numbered many musicians among his friends, and appointed a number of gifted organists to St Silas, giving a par­ticular welcome to those who could also assist with the running of his parish hall.

The church was used for CD recordings, and contained a beauti­ful 18th-century chamber or­gan, the property of the Guild of St Joseph — an instrument that Man­der restored for Fr Cobb .

In common with many Kelham-trained priests of his generation, Fr Cobb (Douglas to friends, and Dougie to his close family circle), was much more concerned about service than status. He travelled widely, regularly visiting former parishioners in New Zealand and France.

  His father had run the family business, Cobb of Knightsbridge, before and after the Second World War, and Fr Cobb was brought up as a parishioner at St Paul’s, Knights­bridge. In common with his father, who lived long into retirement, a twinkle was always in his eye.

His impact on those with whom he came into contact was con­sider­able; he fostered vocations, en­cour­aged those going through difficult times in their lives, and supported strongly those who worked within his parish commu­nities — notably the staff at St Silas of the residential children’s home immediately oppo­site his vicarage in St Silas Place.

He sustained strong friendships with leading musicians of the day, and was a great supporter of the Royal School of Church Music.

Graeme Charles Rowlands - Priest in Charge 1989 - 1992, Vicar 1992 -
Assistant Priests
Edward Bruhl Jan 1891 - June 1892
George Leblanc Powles - Assistant Priest 1892 - Nov 1893
Clement Mico Sheppard - Assistant Priest 1893 - Nov 1894
Henry Monteith Alston - Assistant Priest 1894 - Sept 1896
1937 was Incumbent of Newlands, Diocese of Johannesburg, South Africa
Charles Lovekin - Assistant Priest Sept 1897 - Nov 1898
Charles William Frederick Jones - Assistant Priest 1898 - Sept 1907
H. M. French - Oct 1907 - Nov 1907
E. Hand Nov - 1907 - Sept 1908

Maurice Child - Assistant Priest June 1909 - 1912
1912 moved to St. James the Less, Plymouth.  
1937 was Rector of Cranford, Middlesex. Died 26 Jan 1950

The Revd. Maurice Child, M.A., F.R.G.S., was a graduate of Oxford. He was educated at Sherbourne; St. John the Baptist's College, Oxford; and at Cuddleston College. He was ordained by the Bishop of London in 1909.

He served curacies at St. Andrew's Haverstock Hill, Kentish Town; St. Michael, Plymouth; Holy Trinity, Sloane Street; and St. Mary, Pimlico. He was librarian at Pusey House, Oxford and Secretary of the Church Union. He was appointed as Rector of St. Dunstan, Cranford in 1935.

Fr. Maurice Child was much traveled. In 1912 he took part in the Yale Expedition to Peru. Before the First World War he worked in South Africa, the South Sea Islands and Australasia. During the First World War he was with the British Expeditionary Force in France serving as a Liaison Officer. After the Armistice he was in the United States and in 1922 went to India and Burma.

He also organized the first Anglican Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1924.

Vincent Baker - Assistant Priest June 1909 - 1910
He was a curate and friend of Maurice Child in Hampstead and went with him to Devon.
He later went over to Rome and in 1937 was known to be a priest at the London Oratory.

C. H. Crymes June 1910 - July 1910
J. L. Wharton Neuison - Aug 1911- Sep 1912
Richard Frederick Morson - Assistant Priest 1913 - Oct 1917
Became a Chaplain in Salonika.
Nov 1918 - somewhere in Serbia
Feb 1920 accepted assistant curacy at All Saints, Twickenham.
1927 was appointed Vicar of St Peter, Streatham
W. H. C. Malton - Feb 1914 - Mar 1914
George Wilfred Scholefield - Assistant Priest 1914 - 1917
Trained at Lichfield Theological College
Became a Chaplain in Salonika
1937 was Rector of St. Paul, Port Pirie, S. Australia
A. B. Davis - Assistant Priest Feb 1916 - June 1916
Alfred James Clark - Assistant Priest 1917 - Aug 1917
Had a break down and left in Oct 1917
1937 was Rector of Littleham, Bideford
Richard P. Ellis - Nov 1917 - Jan 1918
Clifford Ashleigh Harris - Assistant Priest Feb 1918 - July 1918
Previously Assistant Priest at St. Andrew’s, Plaistow
Oct 1918 - on way to Baghdad, letter from Bombay (Church Army Hut Work at Baghdad)
Charles Bernard Mortlock - Assistant Priest Feb 1918 - July 1919
Vicar of S. Vedast in the City as well as drama correspondent of the Telegraph
Previously Chaplain in France
1937 was Vicar of Epping
F. Gurd 1918
Thomas Francis H. Harse - Assistant Priest Dec 1918 - Dec 1921
M.A. Cambridge
Ordained Deacon at St. Paul’s Cathedral on Sunday before Christmas 1918.
Ordained 2 Oct 1921
Last Mass at St. Silas 1 Jan 1922
The reredos and other work in the St. Thomas Chapel is the gift of Mr. Harse as a thanksgiving for his ordination. (Monthly Papers, Jan - Feb 1919, page 9)

John Willis Kidd - Assistant Priest Mar 1919 - June 1922
He was the Vicar at S. Paul, Mill Hill and also at Selby Abbey.
1937 was Rector of Burgh Wallis, Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Died 27th September

Fr. John Willis Kidd
Fr. John Willis Kidd

Ronald Harry Royle - Assistant Priest Apr 1919 - 1923
Received the Military Cross from the King at Buckingham Palace on 24 Jan 1917. Ordained on Sunday, 16 March 1919 at St. Paul’s Cathedral.
Chaplain Toc H Birmingham 1923 - 1925 
Vicar of Our Lady of Mercy and St Thomas of Canterbury, Gorton, Manchester 1925 - 1937.
Vicar of St. Mark, Swindon 1937 - 1949.
Vicar of St Matthew, Great Peter Street, Westminster, London SW1 1949 - 1968. This was his last post.

John William Stratton - Assistant Priest Aug 1922 - Mar 1923
1937 was Rector of St. Mary in the Marsh, Romney
Horace Frank Sturges - Assistant Priest Mar 1923 - Jan 1925
1937 was Vicar of St. James the Great, Devonport
William Geoffrey Warwick - Assistant Priest July 1923 - July 1924
William Martin Whitley - Assistant Priest Jan 1925 - Dec 1926
1937 was Warden of Liddon House, and Priest in Charge of Grosvenor Chapel
Leonard Charles Gillam - Assistant Priest Nov 1925 - Jan 1929
1937 was Assistant Priest of St. Luke, Stepney
Robert Burt Cooke - Assistant Priest Mar 1927 - Nov 1928
1937 was Assistant Priest of St. Mary Steps and Chaplain of St. Wilfred’s Convent, Exeter
Fr. Vigo Auguste Demant
Fr. Vigo Auguste Demant

Vigo Auguste Demant - Assistant Priest Mar 1929 - 1933
1937 was Vicar of St. John, Richmond
In a Report to the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1947 called "Catholicity - A Study in the Conflict of Christian Traditions in the West", the name of VA Demant is linked with Gregory Dix, TS Eliot and others. In November 1945 the Archbishop of Canterbury (Geoffrey Cantuar) had invited Dom Gregory Dix to convene a group of Anglicans of the "Catholic" school of thought to examine the causes of the deadlock which occur in discussion between Catholics and Protestants and to consider whether any synthesis between Catholicism and Protestantism is possible. At that time the Revd. VA Demant was Canon and Chancellor of S. Paul's Cathedral.
In a publication dated 1962 he was the authur of a biography on John Thomas Looney (1870 - 1944). At that time he was Canon of Christ Church, Oxford and also Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology.
He retired in 1971 and died in 1983.

OBITUARY from The Times 7 March 1983
The Rev Dr VA Demant, who died on March 3 at the age of 89, was Canon of Christ Church and Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology at Oxford University from 1949 to 1971.

Vigo Auguste Demant was born on November 8, 1893 of mixed Huguenot and Danish stock; his father’s family had migrated from France to Germany and to Scandinavia. After schooling at Newcastle and in France, he took a degree in engineering at Armstrong College.
Having decided to offer himself for the Unitarian ministry, he went up to Oxford in 1916 as a member of Exeter and Manchester Colleges to read the Diploma in Anthropology. He rapidly moved towards Catholic orthodoxy and, after a short time at Ely Theological College, he was ordained as a deacon of the Church of England in 1919 and as a priest in 1920.
After curacies in Oxford and in London, he became Vicar of St John’s, Richmond, in Surrey in 1933; nine years later he became a canon of St Paul’s, and in 1949 he became Canon of Christ Church, Oxford, and professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology in Oxford University, a post from which he retired in 1971.
From early years his chief theological interest had been in the realm of Christian sociology, and when he was drawn into the movement which was focussed on the League of the Kingdom of God, the Anglo-Catholic Summer Schools of Sociology, and the journal Christendom, he rapidly became its chief intellectual leader.
During the nineteen-twenties and thirties the names of PET Widdrington, Maurice Reckitt, WG Peck and Vigo Demant stood together for an approach to sociological questions which was free from sentimentality and based upon the definite principles of Catholic theology. His works God, Man and Society, Christian Polity, The Religious Prospect, and Religion and the Decline of Capitalism {this last a tribute and a sequel to the similarly named work by RH Tawney, for whom he had the greatest veneration) were conspicuous embodiments of his thought.
Together with this, he developed a large number of contacts with the educational world and with various circles in the City of London which had little contact with organized religion. He was largely instrumental in the opening of St Anne’s House, Soho, towards the end of the Second World War as a “frontier station” between Christian thought and the world of secular literature, philosophy and sociology.
In 1957- 8, as Gifford Lecturer at St Andrew’s, he addressed himself to the question of the relations of Christianity as a human activity to its social context or, as he described it, “the natural history of Christianity”. His Christian Sexual Ethics, published in 1963, was, in spite of its brevity, a remarkably original, constructive and also extremely amusing discussion of a vitally contemporary subject.
As a speaker and preacher he was most appreciated by those who were prepared to make a definite effort to enter into the problems in which he was interested. When he had thought a question through to the end he could on occasion be quite remarkably illuminating; and even when his hearers were conscious that he was thinking a problem out in their presence they were almost always rewarded with some brilliant flashes of insight. It would, however, be idle to pretend that he was, in the ordinary sense, a popular preacher; his ministry as a teacher was to those who were anxious to think.
He married in 1925 Marjorie Tickner, who survives him. There were a son and two daughters of the marriage.

Charles Burnell Selby - Assistant Priest June 1929 - July 1935
Swithun Knight - Assistant Priest Jan 1930 - June 1930
John E. Murray - Mar 1930 April 1930
H. T. J. Isakse - May 1930 - July 1930
H. W. Devale ?Devak ?Devall - June 1931
Frederick William Austin - Assistant Priest 1933 - Sept 1936
Allen Forde Methuen - Assistant Priest Aug 1935 - Dec 1939
Edmund Ronald James Henry - Assistant Priest Oct 1936 - Apr 1937
Francis Hilary OSB - Assistant Priest Apr 1938 - Apr 1939
Philip Gordon Bacon - Assistant Priest Dec 1939 - May 1956
Died at Margate on 8th May 1956, buried at St. Pancras Cemetery.
C. J. Huntingford - Assistant Priest May 1940 - Aug 1941, July 1946 - Aug 1947

Albert William Lee - Assistant Priest June 1944 - Sept 1946
(Presumed dead in Korea - July 1954)

J. W. E. Hooton - intermittent from July 1949 - June 64
D. Stewart (Vicar of Tidley) - intermittent during 1965 and 1976
J. A. W. Holroyd - Apr 66 - Aug 1966
Philip Dyson - Nominally in Charge July 1987 - Jan 1989 as Area Dean
Nathan Paine Davey - Assistant Priest 1995 –  March 2002
Iain Clavering Young - Assistant Priest for only one day 1997
Priest in Charge Holy Trinity w St Mary, Hoxton from 1997
Gordon Angus James Adam SSC - Non Stipendary Assistant Priest 2000 - February 2003
Licensed as a non-stipendiary Assistant Curate in the Parish of Boxmoor with special responsibility for the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Hammerfield, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire on 3rd March 2003.
Matthew Guy Burridge - Curate 2009
Priests whose names appear in the Baptismal Register
Arthur S. Thomas - Aug 1908
J. H. Thompson - Oct 1908
Gordon F. Smythe - Nov 1908
I. E. Hand - Feb 1909
A. Lombardini - Feb 1909 & Apr 1912 - Died 23 Feb 1925
Alfred C. Bridge - Mar 1910
L. Jameson Wood - Apr 1910
G. Maude - Rotby - Sep 1910
H. W. Smith - July 1911
Guy H, Harcourt - Mar 1912
Fred Perry - Mar 1913
W. H. Price - Apr 1913
A. E. P. Raven - Apr 1913
John Nelson Burrows (Vicar of S. Augustine’s Haggerston) - Aug 1914 - Died 28 Oct 1924
H. I. Isaakse - June 1930
Frank Wyatt - Dec 1942
G. W. Elcock - May 1967
Ian ?K/M Scott - Jan 1969 and Apr 1972
Martyn W. Jarrett - Apr 1989
Priests who Preached at S. Silas
P.P. Clayton (Chaplain of Toc H) April 23rd 1921 (St. George's Day)
William Denny June 1935
Gregory Dix OSB July 1936
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