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The following recording have been made at S. Silas, Kentish Town
Biber - The Mystery Sonatas
Sonatas 1 - 15 & Passacaglia
Order code SIGCD021 Barcode 635212002124
Biber - The Mystery Sonatas
Biber - The Mystery Sonatas
This two disc set of Heinrich von Biber's Rosary or Mystery Sonatas presents the complete set of fifteen sonatas and the concluding passacaglia which appears in the sole surviving Munich manuscript.

The sonatas each correspond to the fifteen mysteries or meditations on the life of Christ. The meditations are traditionally grouped into three groups of five; Joyful - his early life, Sorrowful - his passion; Glorious - his ressurection.

Disc 1
Sonata no. 1 (The Annunciation)
1   Praeludium
2   Variatie
3   untitled
Sonata no. 2 (The Visitation)
4   untitled
5   Allaman
6   Presto
Sonata no. 3 (The Nativity)
7   untitled
8   Courente
9   Adagio
Sonata no. 4 (The Presentation of the Infant Jesus in the Temple)
10   Ciacona
Sonata no. 5 (The Twelve-Year-Old Jesus in the Temple)
11  Praeludium
12  Allaman
13  Gigue
14  Saraban
Sonata no. 6 (Christ on the Mount of Olives)
15  Lamento
Sonata no. 7 (The Scourging at the Pillar)
16  Allamanda
17  Sarab: Variatio
Sonata no. 8 (The Crown of Thorns)
18  untitled
19  Gigue & Double Presto, Double
Sonata no. 9 Jesus carries the cross
20  untitled
21  Courente, Double
22  Finale

Disc 2
Sonata no. 10 (The Crucifixion)
1   Praeludium
2   Aria
3   Variatio
4   Variatio
Sonata no. 11 (The Resurrection)
5   untitled
Sonata no. 12 (The Ascension)
6   Intrada
7   Aria Tubicinum
8   Allamanda
9   Courente
Sonata no. 13 (Pentecost)
10   untitled
11   Gavott
12   Gigue
13   Sarabanda
Sonata no. 14 (The Assumption of the Virgin)
14   untitled
15   Aria, Aria, Gigue
Sonata no. 15 (The Beatification of the Virgin)
16   untitled
17   Aria
18   Canzon
19   Sarabanda

20   Passacaglia

Un'Alma Innamorata: A Soul in Love
Un'Alma Innamorata: A Soul in Love
Temple of Chastity
13th Century Spanish music from Codex Las Huelgas - Volume 1
Temple of Chastity
Temple of Chastity

1    Virgines egregie 
2    Salve, sancta parens / Salve, porta regis / Salve, salus gencium
3    Surrexit de tumulo
4    Rosa das rosas (cantiga)
5    Castitatis thalamum
6    Benedicamus benigno voto
7    Catholicorum concio
8    Alpha bovi et leoni
9    Veni, redemptor gencium
10  Audi pontus, audi tellus
11  Improvisation on Audi pontus
12  Salve regina glorie
13  Gaude, virgo, plena Deo
14  Alpha bovi et leoni
15  Vella e mininna (cantiga)
16  Confessorum agonia
17  Ex illustri nata prosapia
18  Parit preter morem
19  Castrum pudicicie / Virgo viget melius
20  Como poden per sas culpas (cantiga)
21  O Maria, virgo regia / Organica cantica
22  Maria, virgo virginum

Other recordings from Signum Records
Sounds from the Heart - LAMM185D
Sounds from the Heart - LAMM185D

Sounds from the Heart
played by Peter St.John Stokes
on the Copeman Hart organ
of St Silas Church, Kentish Town.

Recorded by Lammas Records
and available from
Record Shops

1  Offertoire in D minor (Gravement - Marqué) - Jean-François Dandrieu
Livre d'orgue - Antoine Dornel
2  i Récit en taille
3  ii  Basse et dessus de trompette
4  iii Récit en dialogue
Toccata and Fugue in D minor - Johann Sebastian Bach
5  i Toccata
6  ii Fugue
7  Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring - Johann Sebastian Bach
8  Noől dans le goût de la symphonie- concertante - Jean-Jacques Beauvarlet-Charpentier
9  Offertoire pour la messe du jeudi saint - Alexandre Pierre François Boëly
10 Offertoire pour le jour de Paques - Alexandre Pierre François Boëly
Fantasia and Fugue on BACH - Franz Liszt
11 i Fantasia
12 ii Fugue
Sept pièces - Théodore Dubois
13 i Interlude
14 ii Marcietta
15 Choral III in A minor - César Franck

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