War Memorial>
Memorial Board to those who gave their lives in the First World War 1914 - 1918
War Memorial board in the south porch.
War Memorial board in the south porch.

Latin Text
Quis Postea Rerum Gestarum Splendorem Superabit
Quorum Animas Propitietur Deus

Translation of Latin Text
Who thereafter will surpass the glory of what they achieved

Upon whose souls may God have mercy

Leonard Aldred
Percy Aldred
George Allen
Harvey Allen
Victor Allen
Vernon Amey
Joseph Anderson
Ernest Andrews
Arthur Ayling
Ermest Ayres
Henry Baker
John Baker
Douglas Barrett
George Barrett
James Barton
Leslie Beak
James Benner
William Berry
Robert Bishop
Alfred Bitten
Harry Bitten
Arthur Bone
John Brewer
Harry Bryant
Charles Burchell
Ernest Burr
Bertram Butler
Fred Carpenter
Henry Carriage
Theodore Cox
Harold J. Newsome
Edward Cole

Henry Chapman
John Chapman
Charles Clark
Charles Coad
George Coad
Herbert Cole
Percy Colin
Frederick Collis
John Cooper
Thomas Costello
William Covington
Henry Day
Alfred Denham
Lawrence Denyer
Ernest Dibbe
William Dicker
Fred Dillingham
Sydney Dillingham
Walter Dillingham
George Dormon
Edward Duggin
Frederick Earl
Edwin Earle Wallace
Christopher Earp
Mornington Earp
Sidney Eastoe
Albert Ellis
Gordon Ellis
Albert Evans

Charles Evans
John Fisher
George Fleming
Walter Flowerday
Arthur Flude
Henry Fogg
George Foster
Sidney Fowler
George Franklyn
William Franklyn
Arthur Fry
Frank Gay
William Gilroy
Harold Golding
Thomas Goodyear
John Gray
George Green
Albert Greeno
Richard Hanley
Richard Hanney
Alfred Hallett
Alfred J. Hallett
T. E. Hardy
Richard Hartley
Charles Harvey
George Heath
Alfred Heathfield
Charles Hensman
Matthew Heyfrom
James Holmes

Edward Horne
Frederick Hosk
Samuel Howatson
Alfred Humphreys
Henry Humpston
Alfred Hurlock
William Hurlock
Frederick Jacobs
George James
George A. James
Arthur Jenner
John Lark
William Lathwell
Sidney Lawrance
Frederick Lenderyou
William Levock
George Lloyd
Samuel Lowe
Ernest Mackenzie
Sidney Mansfield
James Marshall
John Marshall
Ernest Matthews
John McConky
Charles Meister
Albert Mison
Charles Moody
George Moody
Joseph Newstead
Douglas Newton
Ronald Newton
James Nicholson
Frederick North
Thomas Parfitt
Samuel Passmore
Sidney Peachey
William Pead
James Pharoah
Sidney Pharoah
Robert Philip
Victor Phillips
George Phillpot
Alfred Prince
Charles Reaney
Frederick Reeves
William Ripsher
William Roe
Harry Rogers
Sidney Rolls
Leonard Rose
Thomas Samuels
Charles Saunders
Walter Searle
Robert Self
James Shay
Alexander Sims
Robert Sinfield
E. H. LeM Sinkinson
Henry Smith
Frank Scafford
Thomas Stimson
Bert Stocker
Alfred Stokes
Philip Sutton
Sidnet Sutton
Hubert Sykes
Arthur Taylor
James Thomas
Richard Thomas
Sidney Thomas
Harry Townsend
George Tugwell
Edwin Turner
A.H. Vayghan
William Walkerson
Frederick Ward
Eric Waterson
David Watkin
John Watkin
Frederick Watts
William Watts
Roy Wauchope
Arthur West
Walter West
Arthur Wybrow
William Windebank
Authur Withers
Bertie Walker
Archd Percy Roberts
Arthur Broughton

Six further brass plates on the wall in the Confessional area also commemorate those who dies in the First World War. Some of the names seem to be duplicates of those on the main boards in the south porch.


Harold Stephen Meats
Eric Waterson
Percy Townsend
Francis Herford
Frank Laurence
George Wright
John Charles Marson
Gilbert Bailey
Bertie Kemplay
Robert Charles Purkis
Charles Fleetwood Ellerton
William Stocker
Warwick Fricker
Cuthbert Holcombe
Reginald Tarbox
Michael Hill
Robert Stokes
Arthur Kiff
Charles Edward Quay
Arthur Ayling
Robert Charles Bishop
Henry Pask

Archibald Douglas
Lancelot Philip Charles
James Sholto Douglas
Harry Wensley
Rex Elgood
Gilbert Flemyng
Charles Edward Ridgway Bridson
John Paul Ridgway Bridson
James Hawes
Cyril Easton
Evelyn Le-Mesurier Sinkinson

Alan George Hammersley
Alfred Collett
Cecil Barnaby Cook
Thomas William Parfitt
Alfred Henry Vaughan
Jack Mallion   :   John Marshall
Bertram Colles   :   Hubert Sykes
Hubert Williams
Ralph Banks
Herbert Hinton Fast (Priest)
William John Crawford

John Henry Manning
Stanley Pierce
Alexander Grant Fraser
Charles Float
Arthur Wainwright
Raymond Bevir
Henry John Stevens
Erskine Forsythe
Alfred Howard Knight
Charles Pickett
Eric Wakeham

Francis Bernard Evans
Alfred Collett
Frank Leslie Beak
Edwin Lane Stuckey
Harry Bryant
Francis Charles Lacaita
Robert Sinfield
Arthur Douglas Newton
Charles Ronald Newton
Harold John Newsome
Cecil Humphreys
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