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Hail Silas! Martyr Saint
Sung to 'Covenant' by John Stainer, 1889 (A&M 601)

Hail Silas! Martyr Saint,
Blest Patron to this place.
Whose faith the heavenly Crown hath gained
By Godís good grace.
Unite thy voice with ours,
Help us to gain the crown.
Help us to fight thí infernal powers
And cast them down.

When tyranny was strong,
And dark thy walls of stone,
Then rose thy glad and trusting song
To Godís high Throne.
We heard thy hymn of praise,
And brake thy bonds in twain.
Then let us too our voices raise,
That Christ will reign.
To hear thy faithful prayer,
The prison walls do quake:
Imprisoned souls thy gladness share,
And sleepers wake.
Then help us too to pray
That London* town may be,
From Satanís foul and gloomy sway
At last set free!
Stern foe of false belief
And superstitionís lure,
Of them that gain by othersí grief
And spoil Godís poor:
In Truth and Freedomís cause
Help us to win the fight,
That England, freed by Godís own laws,
May own his might
As thou didíst sail the deep,
His Gospel to proclaim,
Uniting all His scattered sheep
In His dear name:
So strive with us, that now
All nations may be one,
And all before One Sovereign bow-
-Godís Blessed Son.
By cruel torture tried,
Unshaken stood thy Faith,
May we like thee, in Christ abide
Through life and death.
To God, the Fount of Grace,
Our prayers, with thine, we pour,
That we, with thee, may see
His face for evermore.

"Covenant" by John Stainer, 1889 (A&M 601)

Words by Benjamin Consett Boulter, 1876 - 1960
S. Silas the Martyr Kentish Town London NW5.
Probably written between 1912 - 20

There is gladness in the prison
Sung to 'Deerhurst' by J Lanoran 1835 - 1909 (A&M 436) (EH 198)
There is gladness in the prison,
There is brightness in the gloom,
For the Lord who died, is risen,
Soaring heavínward from the tomb.
Though the Saints in bonds are lying,
Steadfast hearts can neíer be bound,
Faith and hope and love undying:
Fill the earth with joyful sound.
Valiant in their tribulation,
Cheerful in their noisome cell;
Still the tidings of salvation
Holy Paul and Silas tell.
Sinful souls from slumber waiting,
Charmed by those celestial strains,
And by grace fresh courage taking,
Burst asunder Satanís chains.
May Saint Silas ever near us,
Free us yet from Satanís snares;
May his joyful message cheer us,
May he aid us with his prayers.
Then, if grief or care oppress us,
Crush the heart or cloud the mind,
May his music soothe and bless us,
Till our woes are left behind.
Like a church that rises glorious,
Far above some teeming street,
So our hearts mount up victorious,
ďSursum CordaĒ we repeat.
With his children, gladly singing,
Stands their patron Saint to-day,
And the courts of Heaven are ringing
With the prisíners festive lay.
As Saint Paul was freed from sadness,
In the prison dark and drear,
Where Silvanus by his gladness
Filled the night with dauntless cheer,
So we too will love our neighbour,
Joyfully the good seed sow;
And with apostolic labour,
Spread Christís Kingdom here below.
When the world its insults flinging,
Make us feel our weakness most,
Close at hand we hear the singing
Of the great unnumbered host.
So our Saint ímid loud derision,
Met the beastís enraged horn,
Looking to the heavenly vision,
Hearing nought of human scorn.
So he died, the Cross embracing,
Joyful in his dying breath;
And may we, our trials facing,
Fight the fight and keep the faith.
Till, when our account we render,
At the end of earthly strife,
We shall rest in sylvan splendour,
By the tree and stream of life.
Though lifeís shadows lengthen oíer us,
As we press to Jordanís side,
Trusting Him Who went before us,
Let us make His Saint our guide.
March we therefore gladly swelling
Good Saint Silasí hymn of praise;
Stretch our bounds until our dwelling
To the courts of Heaven we raise.
Deerhurst by J Lanoran 1835 - 1909 (A&M 436) (EH 198)
Deerhurst by J Lanoran 1835 - 1909 (A&M 436) (EH 198)

Words by The Revd. Walter E. Boulter, 1874 - 1935
Music - Deerhurst by J Lanoran 1835 - 1909 (A&M 436) (EH 198)

Praise to the Lord of Heav'n
Words by Fr. Robert Orchin 
Sung to  'Diademata' by Sir G J Elvey (A&M 304)
Praise to the Lord of Heavín,
Who sent his only Son;
The trembling depths of love to speak
Till all the world was won.
Saint Silas heard that Word
And like his Lord was sent.
The Word of God through his own mouth
Through town and village went.
Praise to the God who leads
Us through our joys and fears,
A pilgrimage, uncertain, hard,
A walk of smiles and tears.
The prophetís insight clear,
Was through Saint Silas shown,
A vision of encouragement
And strength to bring us home.
Praise to the God who calls
The broken and the poor,
Abundant grace, rich jewels of faith,
An ever open door Ė
That leads into the arms
Of Silas and the host;
Flung wide in intercession
Those wide arms His riches boast.
Praise be through Silas to
The God of ages past,
Of all thatís dear yet all thatís here
And now, and futures vast.
To God who held and holds
And always there shall be.
Through Silas and the Saints
Be praise for all eternity.
'Diademata' by Sir G J Elvey (A&M 304)
'Diademata' by Sir G J Elvey (A&M 304)
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